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We are so excited to have guest speaker Ps David Schaeffer with on Saturday, August 10th for a practical workshop that helps us understand stress, provides keys to minimise stress and maximise contentment. Ps David will also be joining us in our 10AM Service on Sunday, August 11th.


Stress Less, Live More – Workshop with Ps David Schaeffer
Saturday, August 10th 2019 from 9am – 12:30PM
$20 Per Person
$35 Per Couple
$5 Per Family for Child Minding

Imagine a life of progress, peace of mind, and productivity. Give or take the occasional moments where life comes to get you anyway.

Is it possible to be competitive and content at the same time? Is it possible for us to take on challenges to become the person we have the potential to become without paying for it with something as important as our loving relationships or emotional health?

Would it surprise to find out that mostly, it’s not the stress we deliberately invite into our lives that does the most damage? There are ways we unknowingly invite crippling stress into our every day lives.

Like how we process our creative thoughts into productive actions. Like how we organize our tasks during an average work day. Like what philosophy we embrace to raise our children, and how we manage our spousal relationship. It’s amazing what we could do to eliminate UNNECESSARY stress to help us minimize it and maximize contentment.