Welcome to the last Chapter of Colossians for our Hope of Glory series.

As we’ve gone through the book we’ve examined the character of Jesus, why Jesus is sufficient and the new life we have with him.  Out of this final chapter we can draw principles that are part of the foundations of a believer.


Paul uses a few different words in describing how we as believers should pray. In verse 2 he says that we should we pray steadfastly, watchfully and thankfully.  More than anything prayer is the fuel for a Christian.

Steadfastness, a constant pursuit of God; this prayer is as much for us as it is worship of God. Like any relationship communication is key, and prayer is our direct line to God. For both the Colossians and ourselves, the more we understand God the better we can love and follow him.

The Greek word for watchful may also be translated as wakefulness. Paul is urging that in prayer to keep focused. A mind set on the character and faithfulness of God in our lives, a prayer that’s focus and directed towards him.

As we pray from a position of thanksgiving, it reminds us of the gift we have in a life with Christ and what he has given us. Out of a thankful heart comes humility for we realise where we would be without Jesus.

Paul puts emphasis on prayer for the opportunity to share the Gospel (v3).  The astonishing part of this is that he writes this to the Colossians while in prison. True to his words in another letter that Paul trusts in Christ in any situation (Phil 4:11-13). As we let the Gospel shape our hearts, it leaks out into the rest of our lives and others

A community of grace

Paul asks the Colossians to exude Christlikeness so that others may know of the Gospel (v. 4-6). As he lists off the people he’s travelled and planted churches with he wants to encourage the Colossians.

Tychicus and Oneismus they come with a message of encouragement for the members of the church (v 7-8). Artistarchus, Mark and Jesus who is called Justus are with Paul in prison (10-11). Epaphras is a leader in the Colossian church is praying fervently for them that they may grow in Christ (v. 12-13).  Or even just Luke and  Demas who seem to know the people of Colossae or Nympha and Archippus who Pauls wants to greet.

Fuelled by the grace of with love for others and each other these are all different roles we can play for each other as the church.


  1. How can you grow in steadfastness, watchfulness or thankfulness in your prayer life?
  2. How can you encourage or pray for a Christian in your life today?